Training: Live Online | In Israel

In Israel

All courses can also be held for groups at companies (optionally customized, combining subsets of different courses etc.)

    Using Captivate to Create Video Demos and Software Tutorials (1 day)
    Photoshop for Technical Communicators (1 day)
    Single Sourcing with FrameMaker (1 day)
    Using FrameMaker (hands-on) (3 days)
    FrameMaker 12 (for experienced FM users) (1 day)
    Visually-Oriented Documentation (1 day)
    PDF Document Collections (half-day)
    FrameMaker Template Design (2 days)
    Advanced Captivate (1 day)
    FrameMaker for Translators (1 day)
    Handling Graphics in FrameMaker (1 day)
    FrameMaker-to-PDF Advanced Techniques (2 days)
    Designing Video Demos for Software Documentation (1 day)
    Advanced FrameMaker (1 day)
    Interactive 3D Models in PDFs with Acrobat Pro/Extended (1 day)
    Structured FrameMaker: Authoring (1 day)
    Structured FrameMaker: Developing EDDs & Other Tools (1 day)
    Creating PDF Forms using Acrobat Professional / LiveCycle Designer (1 day)